1       Why do we need another social media application?

You’ve probably come across a situation where artists publish their photos or videos on social media platforms and apart from likes or positive comments, they don’t get any money for the content they created? 

Sounds familiar?

On the other hand, the platforms on which they publish their works profit from this content by attracting new users to their platforms and publishing advertisements.

Should it be like that? Shouldn’t artists benefit from just publishing content on digital platforms?

2       It’s time to change that …

We intend to change this and create a platform for digital creators where creators will be able to monetize the digital content they create, such as posts, photos or videos. Instead of a like, they will be able to receive a tip from those who liked the content. Thanks to this, creators will be truly rewarded for their work and will be able to create content of ever-better quality.

3       Rica Artisto 

In Esperanto, it means Rich Artist. This idea guides us to create an application thanks to which the creator will be not only famous, but also rich. Whether he will be rewarded will depend on us – the users of the application who will or will not want to tip the artist. 

Thanks to this, there will be no artificial accounts and bot-generated likes in the application. The content will be better quality, and the reach will not be determined by the amount of money spent on advertising the post.

4       Will the application be paid?

Yes and no. Application users will be able to watch all content for free. It will cost a bit to publish the content. In this way, the platform will have the means to sustain itself, so there will be no need for in-app ads.

Giving tips will be a cost for the user who wants to reward the artist. However, these will be very small amounts, so you can give tens or hundreds of these tips without worrying about the costs!

5       What will this have to do with NFT and WEB3?

Users will have tokens in the application and use them to pay for writing a post, writing a comment or giving someone a tip.

Authors who collect the right amount of tokens will be able to exchange them in the application for cryptocurrencies (only stable coins such as BUSD, USDT, USDC). Each user account will be assigned an appropriate cryptocurrency wallet where the user will see their funds. At any time, he will be able to withdraw funds to external crypto wallets and do what he wants with them (keep in the wallet, exchange for regular currencies – so-called FIAT currencies).

Late,r the application will allow users to create an NFT (Not Fungible Token) from a given post and trade such NFT on external exchanges. Such NFT will be able to be transferred to someone on the platform (along with the entire history of tips and comments) and also bought from someone else and earn money on it.

6       Advantages for the Artist:

  • can earn money on photos/videos/posts – on the publication itself, if someone likes this content – he gets a tip
  • can resell the product to someone else by making it NFT and resell it
  • automatic promotion of accounts/content that are very popular, not based on whether you buy an advertisement
  • automatic account top-up for the creator after creating the account is 10 free publications (for each user). The first 100,000 accounts will receive an additional top-up of 100 tokens (for posts, comments or tips, provided that the appropriate level of funding is obtained).

7       Advantages for Users:

  • viewing for free
  • tip – it rewards the creator and gives him tokens that he can convert to cryptocurrency and withdraw
  • users can buy a well-earning photo/video/post from someone else and earn money on it from the moment of purchase
  • tip for a comment goes to the commenter, not the author!
  • true likes (tips) in the system, because they cost the account holder who gives them
  • there will be no artificial accounts filled with bots
  • real user accounts – verification via SMS/mail
  • the ability to earn on the platform using stable coin, withdrawals to crypto wallets
  • a practical implementation of Web3/NFT/crypto in a commercial way so that authors can monetize their content.
  • better quality content, because authors have to pay a little for the publication of the post
  • no need for ads in the system.
  • cashback for spent tokens for tips and comments – for every 100 tokens spent (100 tips or 50 comments) users can get 2 free post publications

8       Estimated prices:

1 USDT/BUSD/USDC = 100 tokens

Writing a post – 10 tokens

Tip (Like) – 1 token

Comment – 2 tokens

9   Questions and Answers

Q: How will it be possible to fund the account with tokens?

A: By standard top-up in the application. Additional commissions from Google Play and App Store and our service commission may apply.

Q: Will artists be able to earn money from their work?

A: That is the main purpose of this app. Publishing a post will cost the creator 10 tokens (about 10 cents). If he gets 1,000 tips for the photo, he will earn $10 from it, if he gets 10,000 tips, he will earn $100 from it. Everything will depend on the generosity of users.

Q: Will users want to pay with tips??

A: We believe that there are many people who would give a small amount for the fact that they can watch good photos, films or poems. These will be really small amounts that can turn into an alternative source of income for artists.

Q: Why won’t it be possible to withdraw money earned in standard currencies?

A: We want to popularize WEB3/NFT and blockchain technology. If this application becomes popular, we intend to implement many new functionalities based on WEB3.

Q: Is the world of cryptocurrencies safe when it comes to payouts for creativity?

A: The world of cryptocurrencies is very volatile when it comes to valuations. This is a relatively new technology, but more and more of the world’s largest giants are interested in it. Withdrawals will be made using so-called stable coins whose price is almost identical to the price of the US dollar